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What is World Class Time Tracking Sheets

World Class Time Tracker is perfect fit if you......

Have hourly Employees. Use manual books of payroll processing.
Manually track or enter employee time. Have a migratory work.
Have employees at various job sites or remote locations. Have employees at various job sites or remote locations.
Require confirmation of employee work locality(GPS). Need Observation into who's working- in real time.
Oppose that payroll is taking to long efforts to manage paper time sheets or punch time cards.

Reasons to Robotise Time Tracking

Pay Employees for the time they worked and not for the whole scheduled time .
Avoid errors in the payroll calculating time from manual time sheets manually some times leads to error.
Apply leave for future dates without overlapping with others.
A observation into who is working in real time.
To get the confirmation of the employee work locality.
Avoid manual entry time and reduce the adminstrative time it takes to generate payroll.
Meeting UKBA Tier-2 Company requirements.

Why Time Sheets...?

Records in/out punch times.
Only allows 24 hours in a day.
Eliminates costly payroll errors.
No manual/duplicate entry.
Keep accurate time when the application is closed.
Fast,intuitive user interface.
Web dash board plus mobile suite works well with devices employees already use.


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